• Renata Gabryjelska - director



    Renata, you are an example of a person who is constantly developing. You graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and from Law at the University of Warsaw, then
    a few years break and Directing at the Warsaw Film School and Andrzej Wajda's Film School. You continue to challenge yourself. What gives you the strength and motivation to develop?

    I think my development was caused by my long search for something that would make me feel happy. The work, which is a passion, is a great satisfaction. I found mine on the other side of the camera. I write screenplays, I direct films, advertisements. I am constantly looking for inspiration in music, art, movies, but primarily in people who become the characters in my stories. It is from them that I learn how to look at the world. My characters are usually not the people from the front pages of newspapers. They are humble everyday heroes. Such people fascinate me the most. I learn from them how to live and not give up in difficult times.

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  • House of April drawn world


    lustro male


    In designing our Lookbook, we wanted to show the women dream world. So sometimes we show a dream that can be described as "to do," and sometimes we just show so-called daydreams, which is an activity every one of us often indulges in.

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  • Does your generation know who that is...?



    Kasia, 24, Basia, 42. We often talk about books, movies, music, about life. Unfortunately, more and more often I find myself speaking to Kasia like my own grandmother - well... but how can you know about it... you're only twenty after all.

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  • Ewa Kępys enchants in the world media



    While creating our brand, I met Ewa Kępys who enchanted me completely. Ewa is the person in all our pictures in Lookbook, but that's not all. She graduated from acting school, she is a photographer, business woman, who co-founded the Como Model Management company. Her work has been published in world's top photographic magazines.

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  • Nurture the World is changing the world



    People who do good things are beautiful in what they do. It is their belief that we are obliged to help the weak and poor. Small steps, small gestures of help, sometimes a smile or just being there, make the world a more beautiful place to live for yourself and other people.

    Monika Jabłońska, founder of Nurture the World, is such a person. Nurture is a global and social project that helps to feed the world.

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  • The first Polish graduate of the fashion illustration in the London College of Fashion



    Meet Adriana Krawcewicz, fashion illustrator, author of the wonderful art in our Lookbook. Adriana lives and works in London, but she was born in Poland, and graduated from the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw. It is one of few Polish women who completed her studies at the London College of Fashion and the first Polish woman who graduated from fashion illustration course.

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