What is the best way to store brooches?
 It is best to store them in a specially designed box, in a dry and clean place.

Can I wash a brooch?
No, brooches must not be washed, because some parts are glued. Washing will destroy brooches.

What to do if I stain a brooch?
You can try to remove the stain gently with a dry cloth. If the stain is still visible, contact us (at:, we will try to help you.

Can a brooch destroy a delicate blouse?
Some brooches are made from metal parts and can be a bit heavier. You should consider the weight of the brooch when pinning it to a blouse. We recommend a greater caution when pinning a brooch to delicate fabrics. 

How to clean the back of the brooch?
Just gently wipe the plaque with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Can a brooch dye my white shirt?
We take care to assure the highest quality of all the materials from which any brooch is made and such situations should not happen. However, if it does anyway, you can file a complaint (please see the details on how to do this in RETURNS/COMPLAINTS tab).

Can I wear a brooch outdoors, on a scarf?
You can wear it pinned anywhere but remember that our brooches do not like moisture and if they are likely to be exposed to rain or snow, we recommend pining then in a safe place under the coat or jacket.

What should I do if safety pin fastener jammed?
Each brooch and each element goes through our quality control. Try to move the movable part of the fastener gently a few times, then gently press the needle. That should help.

What do I do if I washed brooch together with a blouse and it fell apart?
It's a mechanical damage and is not subject to the complaint, but you can always contact us and we will try to help you (

How to care for a brooch so that it lasts?
Above all, remember that our brooches do not like moisture, so please keep them dry and clean, in a specially dedicated box. Since they contain many protruding and hanging elements, also be careful to avoid hooking with a brooch on something, as it may lead to destroying the brooch. Treat it with care and love, and it will last for a long time.

Can I return a brooch?
You can return any product purchased from us within 30 days, but remember that it can not bear any traces of use. Please see the detailed instructions on how to make the return in RETURNS / COMPLAINTS tab.

When will I receive my product?
Each product is shipped within 72 hours of receiving the payment. Keep in mind that, just like you, we rest during the weekends.

What to do if the product does not arrive as specified?
If the package does not arrive within the specified time, send us an email at stating the transaction number and date of purchase.

Can I pick up the parcel personally?
Unfortunately currently there is no such possibility.