... gave birth to our passion :)

We will not tell you that House of April is a young Polish brand, or that we aspire to build a fashion house. We know that you are not interested in our beginnings, distribution and production volumes. Probably this is why we do not want to brag about creating our brand from scratch, from a passion for all that allows you to break away from the routine. We like to dream and do it. Frequently.

Our brooches are not the result of hard, strategic work, but a sort of detachment from everything we would like to forget about. Loans, deadlines, bills, parents-teacher meetings... Fortunately we have time. Time to reach our dreams in small steps. Time to care for details. Time for accuracy and precision. We are more of a pre-war workshop than a modern factory. So we will not try to convince you. List what we believe in and what we are. You will find out yourself. And you will be back. It is all up to you.


Founder of House of April


Mature lady Leo who, after 15 years of working in a corporation, decided to turn a suit into a dress and run a company for women. Dreamer. Cat lover.  Wife and the Polish mother. The woman who loves to live at night - to read, watch movies and think. She believes in building good relationships. For many years she has been involved in fixing the world by helping NGOs

My style: classic combined with convenience and cool accessories.
My secret dream: I would like to sing in a bar in New York.
Favorite brooch: Samanta - ideal for an independent person, who likes to show their individuality