Brooch Mila Borejko. Named after main character from a novel "Jezycjada" by Musierowicz. A crazy economist. She was in charge of the whole family, but at the same time she has always been very supportive for her daughters and granddaughters. Mila was a hostess of a house on Roosevelt street in Poznan. She was a mother of Gabriela, Ida, Nutria and Pulpencja./p>


Bagde on the back of the brooch made from gold plated bronze. Metal clasp. Bagde pad - fuchsia felt. Double-sided satin ribbon. Brooch sewn with cotton-elastic threds and glued with vinyl glue. 7,5cm wide. 9cm long. Jewellery made from metal with crystals. Nikel free.

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7,5cm x 9cm





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