Brooch Liesel Meminger. Named after a character from a novel "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. Liesel Meminger steals fer first book during her younger brother's funeral. Thanks to that book she learns how to read and discovers the power of words. Later the time comes for the next books: the ones from Nazi's burning piles, the ones hidden in mayor wife's library and finally the ones she wrote herself. But Liesel lived in unsafe world.


Bagde on the back of the brooch made from gold plated bronze. Metal clasp. Bagde pad - fuchsia felt. Double-sided satin ribbon. Brooch sewn with cotton-elastic threds and glued with vinyl glue. 7,5cm wide. 7,5cm long. Jewellery made from metal with crystals. Nikel free.

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7,5cm x 7,5cm





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