Each of our products is described very accurately.

So, we thought it worthwhile to share with you some tips on how to care for our jewelry.

Above all, remember that any jewelry is delicate. Therefore, keep it in a dedicated, clean, dry place.

1. Our brooches are sewn and glued, therefore, do not soak them. Try to avoid moisture and under no circumstances expose the brooches to rain.

2. Brooch jewelry is best cleaned gently with a cotton cloth. Do not use detergents, because you can destroy the brooch.

3. Brooches are many protruding or hanging elements; try to be careful not to snag, e.g. belts in your car or purse slung over the body, with them.

4. After taking off the brooch put it right away into its designated place, not to scratch it and to let it adorn your outfits for as long as possible.